Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Petri Dish...

not sure why i keep putting off this post... i guess i've just been busy. ha ha- not a very good start to my blog, but i'll get there. this christmas break has probably been the least relaxing break i've ever had. don't get me wrong- it's been great to see my family and to be away from the classroom, but i'm so ready to be home with hubby in our apartment with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and lots to bake. ;)

we've already had at least 8 get-togethers between my family and his this past week, and we are both sick-sick-sick today. i actually got sick on christmas eve, was pretty sick christmas day, and then felt much better on boxing day. i thought it was just a sinus infection and that it would go over pretty quickly, and it did. too bad yesterday my throat started to hurt and today i actually feel WORSE. boo. i managed to go all fall without catching the swine flu, and then i come home to "rest" and end up catching two different types of colds within a week of each other. the sickies have definitely put a damper on my exercise i'd been planning on doing this week, and i was doing so well when we first got here- running on the treadmill when i wasn't babysitting and what not...

speaking of babysitting, eli willy is very upset right now. i should probably see what he wants. :/

Sunday, December 20, 2009

First post in YEARS!

after many requests from friends who live afar, i have decided to restart my blogging. i've actually missed it quite a bit, and i think this time it will be more for posterity and less of an outlet for angst... knowing me though, you can never tell. i am ever the work in progress- hence the name "problem half solved."

looking forward to blogging about the new dog and new apartment soon! but first- CHURCH!