Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Saying Hi!

It's strange to think that it's been over a week since I last posted. I promise you- it doesn't feel nearly that long to me. Since all the snow melted away and I had to go back to work, I have been insanely busy. In case you hadn't heard, I am KHS's new physics teacher. This is good because it makes me incredibly marketable in the event we move somewhere else at some point, not to mention they are paying me overtime for once in my life. However it could be considered bad for a few reasons too. Number one: I'm not certified... yet. I almost got certified this summer, but I failed the dang Praxis by like one question. Life is unfair sometimes. But it doesn't matter. Even if I had passed, teaching this course would still require me to re-teach myself while prepping lessons for my students. It's been a long time... However, I am a Super Teacher, and I think I'm doing a great job so far. The kids are getting it, and I even had a student tell me it was his favorite class of the day! :D But anyway... the other reason why it could be considered bad is that I teach this class during my plan period. That means I'm at school from 7:30am until at least 5 pretty much Monday through Friday. Add in a dance team, and I am officially a workaholic.

I'm telling you this in the hopes that you won't mind fewer updates for the next four or five months while I am a slave to Knox County Schools. I am going to make it my goal to update at least once a week, so check back on Saturday's to see what I've been up to. As to the week that you missed, a lot happened that sadly was not photo documented. I find writing long posts with no pictures tends to turn people off, so I won't put you through that. I did go to Williamsburg all by myself for the long weekend to see my GPhi's! (Sorry I didn't run into you Sarah... I did run into two of your classmates though. Maybe I can run into you on purpose next time I'm out that way? I was pretty monopolized by the sorority sisters this round...) And I got a smart phone. Lg Vortex! x-D I'm such a sell-out, I know. I LOVE it though. I really do. On the weight loss front, I finally started losing again after the holiday pig-out. Only down around 3 lbs, but hey- a pound is a pound. One foot in front of the other right?

Ok, so I'll stop babbling for now, and I promise the next time I post I'll have something pretty for you to look at, ok? Thanks for sticking with me friends. Have a good weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Better in Threes

Three snow days this week so far, and it's looking like we might make it four tomorrow. I'm not really sure what to do with myself at this point, but I can say that this post will be devoid of pictures. Why? I will tell you.

1. Quincy has dysentery. Or something like it at least. It ain't pretty because she has (pardon me, I'm so sorry about this) pooped everywhere in our little apartment. At least 90% of our abode is carpeted, so that means two things. First- we have puppy pads everywhere, and second- we will be paying out the nose to get this place steam cleaned and possibly re-carpeted once we move out. This morning Q even pooped on my bathroom scale, and I am talking a direct hit too. As in, it probably took planning for her to do that. I had to disinfect the thing before I could do my weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in. I'm blaming that for the reason I haven't lost any weight this week. I have no idea why, but I blame the poop.

2. I haven't worn real clothes or displayed any type of style since Sunday. I wore Robert's old wrestling warm-ups to dinner at Aubrey's last night. I wore a Snuggie to walk the dog this morning. Clearly, I'm trying to make Glamour magazine's DON'T list by 2012. My neighbor seemed to appreciate my attire though. She put her outdoor smoke break/phone conversation on pause to yell out, "That's the way to do it! Get them Snugglies involved!" (And yes, I meant to write snugglie.) It was the highlight of my day, no joke.

3. I haven't actually got a third reason, but as a wonderful sports announcer once observed after she was in my current predicament- "I've only got two reasons, but things just sound better in threes."

Stay warm friends, and try not to let the cabin fever get to you- clearly I'm failing at that.

Monday, January 10, 2011

TCTC 2011

I have been working at school so much this week. I went in Monday from 12-6 even though I was technically still on break. Wednesday was the first day back for staff. I got there at 7:30, and I didn't leave until well after 5pm. Thursday was a dance team practice day and the first day back for students. I was in my classroom at 7:20 and I stayed there until 6:30 with the exception of bathroom breaks and lunch. Friday we were leaving for TCTC, so I got in early at 7:30 but I still didn't get out of there until 4:40. I don't even want to think about how many hours that is for a three day week, but I can tell you I have been crabby. I took on an extra class this semester (Physics), and I'm so excited to teach it plus I'm getting paid well to do it. However, I really do feel like I live at the school. 

This whole situation has made me very jealous of my husband, who sends me text messages that say things like "Honey! I just flew the helicopter off the balcony!" and "Did you see that facebook status?" Sure, he sends these when he's on his lunch break or at home in the evenings while I'm contemplating building a nest under my desk and sleeping at Karns, but I'm ashamed to say I still sometimes send scathing replies implying that I work harder than he does. 

After this weekend though, I can't ever say my husband does not work hard. He took seven teenagers to Gatlinburg for a two-day, 5,000 person convention with only his cranky wife as help. Observe the aftermath here-

We both crashed yesterday afternoon as soon as we got home. He however, had to sit through an elder's meeting before he got to his nap, poor guy. We had a good time though, and this is our 3rd TCTC. We love it! It's the best youth convention out there in our opinion. Lots of singing and concert-worthy stage lights and cameras... Amazing speakers, comedians, and music groups... Very much worth the effort!

This year we were surprised with about six inches of snow while we were there too. I was quaking in my boots about having to drive back in it with four children that don't belong to me, but thankfully God heard my prayer and the roads were clear for the drive home. 

The kids loved it! I had to put the kibosh on the sliding around though after two of them busted their butts. I did NOT want to send anyone home broken. 

Comedian Taylor Mason was there with his puppets, and our friend Sydney from County Line got to go up on stage! We didn't even recognize her at first, but there she is! In the middle with the snow hat on! Other things about this picture I want to point out because they are funny- On the left is a giant person sized Sumo Muppet. Next to the Sumo wrestler is a little girl wearing several things that I love- a confederate flag tee with a vicious looking wolf head coming out of the middle, topped off with a Real Tree camo hat. (God bless the South! Hysterical!) Finally, the puppet on the right is supposed to be Barack Obama, but I'm pretty sure it's Taylor Mason's George W. Bush puppet painted black. I promise that has no political intention. It's just a completely innocent observation. 

My favorite guest at the convention though was a man named Joe Castillo. He's an artist and he does these incredible sand stories. He basically works on a light table drawing pictures in the sand to music while they project it onto the screens. 

Check out the details though! So beautiful! 

One other note-worthy artist- Charlie Hall was in charge of all the worship songs. Robert and I were already fans, so it was really cool to see him live. 

The theme of the week was The Redline. It focused on the direct link from Genesis all the way to Jesus and our place in God's plan. The speakers were amazing, and I felt like I learned so much! 

All in all, it was a good (COLD) weekend! Despite the hotel chaos, one case of the stomach flu, and lots of teenage "romance," I really did have a good time. Thanks for taking me Robert! And for doing pretty much all the work. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Recap

Now that the dust from the first week back has settled and I have survived the Tennessee Christian Teen Convention (post to come), I can finally update you on my wonderful Christmas break. It started with a snowy Christmas Eve drive to my sister Angela's house. We wanted to actually spend Christmas morning with some children (makes it much more fun), so Ang and Kenny let us come crash their family's holiday. There were toys everywhere! We got to help Santa out, and he even surprised us with a stocking so we had something to open!

After breakfast, we headed to Robert's family for our Ashby gift exchange. It was Liam's first Christmas ever! Isn't he so stinkin' cute? He's right around 6 months, which I think is my favorite baby age. Still not mobile, so you don't have to chase them yet, and they love you instantly even if they haven't seen you in months. :)

Robert FINALLY got the remote controlled helicopter he's been talking about non-stop since Thanksgiving. Too bad this one was broken!!! He had to send it back, but he did order another one as soon as we got home and he's had plenty of flight time since then. 

I got some nature DVD's for my biology classroom/personal use (read: DORK). I was so stoked about LIFE with Oprah, but surprisingly she is a lack-luster narrator. The beautiful high definition camera shots more than made up for it though. I will never look at chameleons the same way again!

We spent the rest of Saturday with the Ashby's, then had the May family Christmas at my brother's house since the snow knocked out the power at my parents. The kiddos, adult males, and my sister Ang had a lot of fun playing in the snow. Eli and Kenleigh's cheeks were so adorably red! The rest of the women stayed inside with the babies and helped cook. 

Speaking of babies- we got a great announcement! My sister Paula is pregnant! I was beginning to think that Paisley (her 3 year old) had convinced them not to have any more children with her hyper ways, but apparently not! I distinctly remember an incident this summer at the beach which involved Paisley jumping off a dining chair towards the glass coffee table while her mom had several heart attacks in the midst of trying to catch her. The oldest grandbaby- Brant asked, "Paisley- What are you doing?" I responded, "Shhh Brant. She's trying to make sure she's an only child." Didn't work though apparently, and I'm so glad! After Paula made the announcement, I asked her if she wanted a boy or a girl, and she said she just wanted one that was "calm." Ha ha! I'll keep my fingers crossed for her. With Anna and Jacob having their second child in June and Paula due in August, we will have seven May grandbabies next year! 

After that I think the baby boom will be over though. At least until Robert and I are ready to contribute our own little chubby cheek pincher!

More presents were opened...

The kiddos got a lot more fun things!

And Robert got a Tyrod Taylor jersey! He and Eli were rocking the Tech wear that night. We really do bleed Maroon and Orange- every single one of us!

Paisley got some mermaid toys- her favorite!

And Kaycie had us all laughing with her sunglasses. 

Daddy thought Robert and I had gotten him a Jedi robe. (It's a snuggie, Daddy!)

And the girls locked themselves in the cage, I swear! Ha ha ha!

The rest of vacation was mostly spent relaxing or hanging out with friends. This picture is my best friend currently living in LA. She's holding my niece, which is hysterical if you know Abby! Babies are like kryptonite to her, but she did so well with Kaycie! 

We went out several nights, including one night to have a five year class reunion at a local lounge. Lots of fun, but alas I did not take any pictures. Sorry! There are so many amazing ladies that aren't pictured in this post, but I think I've gone on long enough. I love you girls! Hope you're enjoying 2011 so far!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today and Yesterday...

Let's make a comparison, shall we?

Yesterday's To-Do List
- Don't sleep in too late
- Go in to work and finish all grading for the fall semester
- Clean and straighten classroom
- Move physics equipment from the chemistry store room to my classroom
- Write/Edit syllabi for the spring semester
- Make parent phone calls to students with a 68-69.4F
- Copy for the the first two days of class
- Remind dance team about today's game
- Watch Tech play in the Orange Bowl

Almost everything was accomplished in the 6+ hours that I went to work, and I also managed to order/pick up pizza for dinner and bring Robert his car key when he locked himself out of the cavvy at Advanced Auto. The only thing I didn't get to was the copying part, which I fully intended on doing when I went back to work today.

Now, after Tech's spectacular loss, a not-so-fun run in the cold weather, and too many complaints from teenage girls about how they don't want to go to the game tonight (believe me, I don't want to go either.), I'm kind of at my breaking point. So, here is...

Today's To-Do List
- Sleep in like it's the last time you'll ever sleep past 9am
- Go on the laziest "run" of your life (Hey, at least I went!)
- Decide NOT to go in to work
- Give yourself a pedicure while watching one of the DVD's you stole from Mom's house
- Go to KHS around 5pm for the Bball game
- Spend loads of quality time reading Harry Potter during the game (I hate basketball.)
- Sneak upstairs and do your copying between half-time performances

Think I can handle today's list? I sure do. Off to enjoy my last day of freedom!