Saturday, February 26, 2011

Best. Wife. Everrrrr!!!

I have been shouting that all day like a ridiculous, conceited battle cry. Maybe I haven't been the best blogger ever lately, lol- but for the next 24 hours, I think I deserve a title. You see, I would never deny that I have the best husband ever. I even think I have the best puppies ever. 

Charlie is a dead bug.

Quincy clearly knows how special she is. 

However, in my own mind, I pale in comparison to the loved ones around me. I rarely think I'm a great wife, let alone the best! However, today is different. Today- I am the best wife ever, because it is my husband's birthday next Tuesday and I got him a flight lesson. :)

See... there's a bit of a back story to my smug feelings over this particular present. When Robert was a little boy, he got to fly in a little charter plane at the Danville Regional airport with his friend and a little girl neither of them knew. The girl got to sit in the front seat while Robert and his buddy were stuck in the back like I was today. Believe me, I didn't mind. They didn't mind either... at first. It was his first time in a plane, and he was so excited. 

But as you can see here, the front seat is for the pilot and the co-pilot. So in the middle of the flight when the pilot asked the little girl if she wanted to fly the plane, Robert's little brain must have exploded with jealousy. And then, to make matters worse, the little girl refused! It must have seemed like a huge waste to the two eager boys in the backseat. In fact, it seemed like so much of a waste to my dear husband that it scarred him. He still tells that story in his adult life. I've heard it so many times, I feel like I was there. 

Now the second time that Robert was jilted out of the chance to fly, I was involved. We had been dating for a year or so when my daddy got a gift certificate for a helicopter flight with our friend Lee. He let Robert and I have the trip, and we went for our Valentine's date that year. For weight balancing reasons, Robert was yet again stuck in the back seat. I was the girl in the front seat this time, and when I was offered the chance to steer, I jumped on it. However, the fact that I took advantage of my good fortune did not soothe the jealousy my poor Robert felt from the backseat. Scarred again, I heard his indignant account many, many times. 

So it has been ingrained in my head that Robert desperately wanted to fly something since I have known him. In fact, there are few things that he feels this strongly about, so I felt a little guilty during our helicopter ride when he was not the one in the co-pilot's seat. In fact, Robert seems to like the idea of flying so much that I encouraged him to join the Air National Guard or the Coast Guard so he could learn. I took him places on commercial airline jets. I put up with the squealing toy helicopter he got for Christmas. But it was always in my mind that I needed to get him to fly- actually give him that chance. When I found the flight school in Morristown, I knew it was a perfect opportunity. 

I tricked him into thinking he would be accompanying me to Morristown to go to a bridal shower. He's so good and agreeable that he didn't even complain much. He had no idea what was really going on until we actually parked the car at the airport. Then you should have seen his face! I can't believe I successfully lied and kept a secret for 2 weeks! I'm not good at either... but it was so worth it. He was so stunned! Robert and the pilot flew us around for an hour. I got to ride in the back and take pictures. Robert got to do the take-off and help out with the landing and steering. Even the nausea inducing turbulence wasn't enough to steal the smile from his face. I'm not sure how I will ever top this for future birthdays, but I will definitely try. We flew all around East Tennessee, landing and taking off three times while flying over mountains and lakes. 

We even flew over this 13 bedroom, $8million house that apparently belongs to Harrison Ford. 

It's not his real home- It's in Morristown, TN for Pete's sake. But apparently it's a weekend home for his family. Harrison Ford in East Tennessee. Who would have thought?

But anyway, I'm off on a tangent again. I could get used to this "best wife ever" feeling. I just hope I managed to help Robert get his "best birthday ever." And I may have created a monster, but a certain someone is considering a pilot's license now. I am not opposed at all; he's a natural. :)

Happy Birthday Bobert!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our New Fur Baby!

Meet Charles Barkley (aka Charlie). He is a 3-4 year old Bagle (Beagle and Bassett Hound Mix) that Robert and I recently adopted from a local Bassett Hound rescue mission. We found his picture on their website about two weeks ago, filled out a form, and he came to visit within just a few days. From the moment he climbed all 45 pounds into my lap and covered my face is extremely sloppy kisses, the little bugger stole my heart. He's been ours ever since.

He's needy and lazy and requires constant loving affirmations with belly rubs- everything a Bassett Hound should be. We couldn't be happier with him! Even if he does demand that you spoon him while you attempt to nap on the couch and fear your arm will be amputated from the sheer weight of his 15 pound head. And as for Quincy? Despite her "What are you doing to my mommy?!" face above, she loves him too. She's stopped having anxiety attacks and always has a playmate now. Plus we don't feel as guilty leaving her on her own during the day, because she's got a big brother now. :)

Welcome to the family Charlie! <3

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Since I promised you pictures-

I sincerely hope you do not mind that they are random and moderately unrelated. However, this does give you a glimpse into the past two week hiatus I took. In all actuality though, if you want to know what I've been doing I have two words- Dance Team. This week is the last week of our season though, so after Thursday I will be free to have a bit of a life once more. After that half-marathon training will start up, and I should have material worth blogging about once more. As much as I know you guys would love to hear about my shoulder injury from writing on my white board too much, I thought better of doing a post on it. I'd rather not risk losing what little readership I still have. 

Quincy has been grand. She still enjoys her daily activities of lying in the sunshine and whining about the cats. She is also still quite the little gross-out as evidenced below...

Yes, that is a wet spot the size of a dinner plate she licked on to our couch cushion for no apparent reason. Don't tell the people we sell this sofa behemoth to on Craig's list about this please. And despite all the lack of puppy hygiene, we are seriously considering adopting another dog. Glutton for punishment much?

My weekends have been the very definition of "uneventful." I tend to wallow in the fact that I have nothing to do for two blissful days, and that leads to a lot of sleeping...

 Jogging pants wearing... (pronounced yogging pants, with a soft J)

 And banal errand running. Second set of new tires in two years? Yes please. At least I'm not sliding all over the road anymore. It does not, however, lead to any sort of cleaning or even fun cooking projects. My responsibility limit has been reached by Saturday, and the pull to be completely useless is just too strong. 

Which I feel setting in again. I'm out of material, so enjoy super bowl Sunday friends! 
Death to the Steelers! :D