A Bit About Me

Meet Lizzie... 

I'm a Virginia Girl living back at home! 

I graduated from the College of William and Mary in 
December 2008 with a BS in Biology.
I taught at a suburban high school in Knoxville, but in June of 2011 moved back home. 
I know teach at a middle school in southwestern Virginia. 

I married my best friend on May 23, 2009. 
He's a youth minister, and I'm a teacher. 
Could we get anymore cliche?!?

We have five beautiful fur-babies... 
Our Baby Girls: A beagle mix named Quincy 
who has beautiful brown eyes and a hilarious overbite!

Olive- our sweet ditch kitten we rescued.

Their Big Brother: A bassett hound and beagle mix 
(a bagle, tee hee!) named Charlie whose favorite 
activity includes spooning with Mommy and Daddy 
on the couch and trying to curl all 45 pounds 
of himself onto your sternum.

And two guinea pigs: Reese (left) and Zero (right)
They have a vegetable addiction that I envy.

Our favorite pastimes in no particular order... 

Science! I am a certified biology and physics teacher. 
Robert is a science hobbyist by association. 
We'd take a museum over a nightclub any day.

Animals- especially ones of the "baby" variety.
This is the baby bull that used to be at the Knoxville Zoo. 
We were good friends. Now he's probably someone's lunch. :(

Food- which you'll find is featured frequently on this blog. 
I cook as therapy for when life gets overwhelming. 
Which for me is fairly frequent...
I've been a vegetarian (who still eats fish on occasion) since February 2010, 
and Robert "came to the dark side" in August of 2010. 
Want to know why? Watch Food Inc.

Racing- we ran our first 5k in April 2010, and we're pretty slow... 
(and by we, I really mean me. Bert runs a 7:30 mile easily.)
I don't have a competitive bone in my body, so I never race to win; 
but I love the slow and steady aspect of distance running.
We starting running half-marathons in 2011! 

Family- The pic below is of mine. 
Do you see where my crazies come from?
Between the two of us we have... 2 sets of parents, 2 sets of grandparents, 5 sisters/sister-in-laws, 5 brothers/brother-in-laws, 3 Nephews under the age of 6, 6 Nieces under the age of 5, 2 godsons, and too many aunts, uncles, and cousins to count.

And for one final favorite: Sleep! 
Which for Robert is an opportunity 
to take funny pics of his wife and puppy.

So what's with Problem-Half-Solved? 
This blog is about thinking of myself as a work in progress- a problem that is halfway solved. There are lots of things about me that I always try to improve upon, and healthy living is probably top on the list. The blog will deal quite a bit with my daily life and my nutritional/fitness endeavors. It's part healthy living blog, but also part historian for my friends and family scattered around the world.
 Hope you enjoy it!