Saturday, February 5, 2011

Since I promised you pictures-

I sincerely hope you do not mind that they are random and moderately unrelated. However, this does give you a glimpse into the past two week hiatus I took. In all actuality though, if you want to know what I've been doing I have two words- Dance Team. This week is the last week of our season though, so after Thursday I will be free to have a bit of a life once more. After that half-marathon training will start up, and I should have material worth blogging about once more. As much as I know you guys would love to hear about my shoulder injury from writing on my white board too much, I thought better of doing a post on it. I'd rather not risk losing what little readership I still have. 

Quincy has been grand. She still enjoys her daily activities of lying in the sunshine and whining about the cats. She is also still quite the little gross-out as evidenced below...

Yes, that is a wet spot the size of a dinner plate she licked on to our couch cushion for no apparent reason. Don't tell the people we sell this sofa behemoth to on Craig's list about this please. And despite all the lack of puppy hygiene, we are seriously considering adopting another dog. Glutton for punishment much?

My weekends have been the very definition of "uneventful." I tend to wallow in the fact that I have nothing to do for two blissful days, and that leads to a lot of sleeping...

 Jogging pants wearing... (pronounced yogging pants, with a soft J)

 And banal errand running. Second set of new tires in two years? Yes please. At least I'm not sliding all over the road anymore. It does not, however, lead to any sort of cleaning or even fun cooking projects. My responsibility limit has been reached by Saturday, and the pull to be completely useless is just too strong. 

Which I feel setting in again. I'm out of material, so enjoy super bowl Sunday friends! 
Death to the Steelers! :D

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