Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Call Us the "Crayolas"

After the craziness/business of the last few weeks, Robert and I decided to make a mad dash to Martinsville for a 27 hour long visit to attend my niece Paisley's 3rd birthday party. It was possibly the fastest trip we've ever made home, but it was worth it to see my... err... colorful (read: quirky) family. :)

Colorful moment number one: my brother's custom made sweatshirt does NOT show a picture of Zach Galifianakis. Nope, that's my cousin, Josh. He's pretty awesome, he's been making me laugh since I was nine-ish, and I'm quite jealous of this bearded piece of pure epic-ness.

 In honor of the party's "Under the Sea" theme (Paisley's mom is a marine biologist), the kiddos dressed up as their favorite oceanic animals. Colorful moment number two: Here my niece Kenleigh (dressed as Nemo) sympathizes with aquarium bound fish the world over. Poor Nemo's face...

Little Red grew four more legs to become a petite, toddling, blue octopus. Colorful moment three (and a random fact): the plural of octopus is indeed, octopuses. Not octopi as I have been saying in my Marine Ecology class for a year. My ability to be moronic never fails me.

Colorful moment four: Brantley, dearest- find a dentist a.s.a.p. 

And Eli made one shocked looking lobster. Those eyeballs remind me of the Prawn from the muppets. Remember those Long John Silver commercials with him? Hilarious! I need to look those up...

Here's the birthday girl dressed as a shark who has let herself go... Note the strange, spare tire-esque padding around the middle... Yeah, I don't get it either. She's still a pretty cute birthday girl though! 

Kaicey, stripped of the octopus costume, showed off her newly acquired walking skills. Colorful moment five: This pained me, and I shed a single tear for her quickly disappearing baby fat. So long jowls! I'll never forget you!

The party took place at a really cool children's museum, so we got to goof off a bit... as if we ever need an excuse to goof off. Colorful moment six: Here's Robert showing you his healing finger in front of the incredibly appropriate (and insanely grisly) scab display.

And lastly, colorful moment seven: my brother-in-law Johnny couldn't resist sending me a picture of the stuffed beaver in the train station/taxidermy extravaganza building across the street. The fact that this fuzzy, double-entendred rodent is my high school's mascot still gives my family fits of giggles. 

And colorful moment number eight: I wouldn't change anything.

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