Saturday, November 27, 2010

And so this is Christmas

Or at least the start of it! 

Since it's too late at night (or I'm too lazy, you decide.) to get the T-day pictures off the camera, I'll go ahead and fill you in on what we did before we left. Robert and I made the decision to decorate the apartment for Christmas before we left for Virginia, so that when we got back we could jump right on in to the Christmas spirit. My fourteen year old self would have been horrified with this idea (I used to think it was an insult to Thanksgiving if you started Christmas before it had even happened), but when we came home to a sparkly and festive apartment, I knew it was an awesome decision! 

 The Piggies enjoyed listening to Pandora's Holiday station while they hung their stockings by the outside of their cage with care...

 ...and Robert and I took to trimming the tree! Decorating the tree gives me the chance to go back through so many memories, and it's really thanks to my sister. When Robert and I had our first Christmas together as a couple back in 2006, Angela suggested we start the tradition of getting each other an ornament every year to commemorate our time together. I guess she could tell how serious we were about one another, and I am so happy to have the memories. As we were unpacking the years, I got the idea that our ornament tradition would make a fun blog post, but we soon discovered that Robert's half of the ornaments are missing. Therefore, you'll only be seeing my half of the tradition, and I'll put his up later... whenever he remembers to get them from his parents. (Peggy- if you read this and think about it, could you grab them and/or remind us to get them when we're home? Thanks!)

2006- Our first Christmas as a couple. This little chihuahua (my chi-hooo, as I refer to it) was aptly named "Puppy Love." Gag worthy, I know, but you have to admit he's cute. Don't tell the others, but I think he's my favorite.

 2007- Continuing the dog theme, Robert chose this "Snow Buddies" ornament. We didn't actually have our first snow day together until 2009; I think he just liked the dog to be honest. :)

 2008- We were engaged during this Christmas, so I think I had a bit more say in the ornament this year. I have a small obsession with birds, so I'm happy Robert noticed how much I LOVED this ornament when we went looking that year... See babe? You do pick up on my hints sometimes!

 2009- Our first Christmas as a married couple. We didn't actually buy ornaments separately last year. It was an odd month once we decided to move to a new apartment less than a week before we went home for break. The Christmas tree was purchased, put up, then taken down and put away within the same week. Add to that the addition of a dog, and pre-Christmas ornament hunting was not a priority. We ended up shopping for our ornaments on the clearance racks after New Years. 

 Since we were together, we didn't see the point of buying separate "First year married" ornaments. So for our second ornament of 2009, we went back to our puppy theme in honor of the new addition we had just made to our family- Quincy Tate. <3

 Our tree is tiny, fake, cheap, and resembles the end of the toothbrush contraption I used to use to clean out my braces, but I love it. It's ours. Having a real tree in a real house will come later. Until then, this will do just fine. 

I hope your holiday season starts off right! 

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