Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Scenes from the Weekend

Despite Robert's accident, we still managed to make the most of Halloween Weekend. Right now though, I'm very distracted by the Georgia Tech/Va Tech game, so this will be a quick run-through with really adorable pictures. :)

Saturday night, we went for a historical ghost tour through the Blount Mansion Visitor's Center in downtown Knoxville. It was pretty decent. We got to go inside one of the houses briefly, but the speaker was not the best and this rude guy kept putting her on QT about her stories. (By the way, QT = quiet time. As in saying things to make her look stupid basically.)

After the tour, we decided to just do a walk through market square, but ended up going to see Frankenstein adapted for the stage by Roan State Community College. It was a really fun surprise for the evening, and not a bad way to spend ten bucks... Mom and I used to go to those little local college productions all the time, so I really enjoyed it. And if Robert's vicodin had not worn off, I think he would have liked it just as much as I did. 

The next day was the church's annual Trunk or Treat. Robert and I rolled with our Ghost Buster's theme, and Quincy made her debut as either a squirrel, a dog being eaten by a squirrel, a two-tailed and eight-legged dog-squirrel mutant, or a headless squirrel monster depending on the angle. She was such a good sport, and only tried to eat her acorn once or twice. :)

Robert's Trunk: The ghost buster mobile with flashing blue light and ghostbuster's theme song on repeat all night long. (Surprisingly we did not get sick of it.)

And her was my trunk... errr... table? Robert wasn't allowed to drive, so without his car, we had to make do. We made a giant ghost out of a chair, table, and a sheet. It looked pretty awesome if I say so myself!

Back to the game and chewing my fingernails out of worry! Bah- Come on VT!!! Go! Go! 

Hope you all had a great Halloween! 

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