Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Road Trip of the Summer

This past Friday, Robert and I took a final summer road trip to Nashville to visit his sister Jenny. While we were there, I got to experience a bunch of really exciting (and possibly very nerdy) firsts! 

The First First- A trip to Whole Foods! It was everything I'd ever dreamed of and more. Beautiful displays, bursting with delicious looking foods, and way too expensive for me to afford. Ever. But luckily, my BFF Abigail had gotten me a gift card for my birthday! 

This was my loot- A seasonal recipe book and two delicious bars of chocolate.

The Second First: Robert and I got fitted for "real" running shoes! The tennis shoes I've been using were purchased on sale for a penny. Needless to say- they aren't very good shoes, and my left foot was subpronating like crazy! Robert's shoes were just worn out. Our knees were hurting us a lot after our run on Thursday, so we took advantage of tax-free weekend to invest (and I do mean INVEST- those babies are expensive!) in some nice shoes. The men that fitted us were experts and extremely helpful. One of them had a personal best of 2 miles in 9 minutes, 38 seconds! That's incredible! We ended up getting the exact same shoes (just women's for me and men's for him), and we used them last night for our first long run. Thankfully there was no knee pain! I took an ice bath afterwards (which felt surprisingly wonderful!), and my knees feel great today. 

The Third First: Well, it was supposed to be a first- going to a "Vegetarian" Cafe. However, it ended up just being very organic and vegetarian friendly, but it was still delicious! Here's my meal- brie, green apple, mustard, and arugala on foccacia bread with a side of couscous, greens, and the most amazing balsamic vinegar I've ever tasted! 

Jenny and Robert got chicken sandwiches, and everybody agreed the food was really yummy! A funny thing worth mentioning happened outside before we ate. I was taking pics of the sign, and a lady sitting on the steps said to me, "Oh. Are you gonna blog about this?" Ha! Since when do we see a camera and think "blogger" not "tourist?"

After lunch we went to a really neat science museum! It was mainly for children, but we're museum nerds and I got in free as a teacher. We thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be kids for several hours! Bobert enjoyed making some music in a giant guitar...

What food blogger doesn't love the digestive system?

And for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to climb through all the little kid tunnels. Here's the issue though- I'm very claustrophobic! I had a few mini freak-outs, but it was still fun to me that I actually fit! 

Here's Jenny playing wheelchair basketball! I was kind of concerned that we were having so much fun pretending to have a disability, but the museum did a really good job of showing you how different your life would be if you were handicapped. As happy as I am to be blessed with the ability to walk, it was fun to ride around in the wheelchairs (at least temporarily). 

Today I had to go back to work, and my classroom is a mess! I also really miss my friend Mary who is unfortunately not at KHS anymore. :( It's going to be an adjustment without her! But at least I'll see her on a regular basis after school. She and her husband are coming over this Friday for a Make Your Own Pizza Party, and I'm very excited! It's helping me cope with having to wake up before 8am again.

 Back to School? Yuck! 

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