Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday Night Football

School + Too Much Traveling + No Time for Running = This. 

I'm really, really, really missing my daily run. It's been so hot outside though, and when I get home my mind wants to run but my body is like "No way!" Tomorrow we are going for sure though! 

Anyhoo- sorry I'm going out of order. I know I told you Robert's graduation would be the next post in my catching up series, but I decided to add his ordination to that and the pictures just aren't quite ready. Next in line- Friday night football! This past Friday we had our first home football game at KHS. It was fun, but hectic! I was sewing together a skirt 10 minutes before everyone was due at the track. And we lost. And we fumbled the ball nine times... but hey! Who's counting?

I was there for these ladies. :) My dance team! I'm so proud of them and they look so darn cute in their uniforms. My choreographer and I think the skirts ended up a wee short, but who cares- they're wearing seriously opaque tights and shorts underneath.

Robert also came with me and tried to teach me what a screen was and a bubble play or something like that... As much as I dearly love football (and I truly do), I can't ever keep those play names straight. (Go #29! That's one of my freshman from last year. He asked me to wear his jersey because I'm his favorite teacher ever. Sorry I missed his JV game tonight though! Hope it was better than the varsity one!)

And I think I'm going to keep this post short and sweet so I can get some rest and be fresh for my students tomorrow! Y'all have a happy Tuesday. Go Beavers! :D

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