Friday, August 27, 2010

A Lot of Catching Up To Do

Working 10+ hours everyday, visiting with family, and maintaining my sanity means I haven't had much time for posts. I really miss posting too! And it also means my pictures are backed up like you wouldn't believe. To prevent you from having to read a novel about the past week, I'll break the three major events that happened this week into different posts. 

First, let's begin with my family's visit. Robert's graduation was this past Tuesday (that's for another post), so my sister's family and my mother decided to come out Friday night and make a bit of a holiday of their trip. 

Right after the 5k that we beasted, we left for Gatlinburg. We ate pancakes and then walked around the shops for a few hours. We also went to the Apple Barn Orchard and Winery in Pigeon Forge at Johnny's request. It was a really cool place! I didn't take any pics though, so you'll have to take my word for it. I hope we can go back sometime and eat at the restaurant, because we hear it's really good. We were so stuffed from the Pancake Pantry that we just ate apple pie and toured the winery. 

Paisley, my niece, is super cute. She wanted to wear my heels here. Although I was probably distracting her from eating breakfast- I couldn't resist a photo shoot! 

She likes to steal glasses from her daddy and then pretend to be a dentist as well. :)

And this little booger is pretty cute too eh? That's Zero, the mullet-ed guinea pig. He came out of the piggie mansion for a visit with the Pais. 

Sunday afternoon (after an epic lunch failure) I took everybody to World's Fair Park while Robert was at Maryville College promoting the church. Here's the famous Sunsphere that was built during the fair. (If you're a Simpsons fan- No. There are no wigs up there, ha ha! Google it if you don't know what I mean.) 

In the park, there's a playground I didn't even know existed! It was really cool, and Paisley had a blast. She lives for Chick-fil-a and playgrounds apparently. We literally had to drag her away. 

Now, the splash pad next door? She was not a huge fan... I think the big water jets were scary to her. Oh well- Back to the playground we go!

Monday, they took the little animal to the zoo! Robert got to go this time, but I had to miss out for work. Boo.

Prairie Dogs! Robert says she was tickling them, tee hee! I'm telling you- She's darn cute! 

I'm so happy they came out here to see us! Of course I crashed every night around 8:30pm from exhaustion, but it was a really awesome visit. If you haven't realized it by now- I live for family. If I don't see them for a while, it's an issue. Welp- I'm exhausted from a long, long day. I think 11:11pm is the perfect time to head for bed.

Next post to look for: Robert's Graduation!

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