Monday, August 23, 2010

Will Run for Pancakes

I got a new personal record on my 5k this past Saturday! Actually Robert and I both beat our previous times by at least 2 minutes. I still don't know the official chip time, but according to the clock on the finish line I finished in 34 minutes and 40 seconds! My family is in this weekend, so Robert and I were really motivated to run the race quickly, get back home, and go to Gatlinburg and the Pancake Pantry. Mmmmm... Will run for pancakes! 

The morning began a little too early for both of us. Paula, Mom, Johnny, and Paisley hadn't gotten here until 11pm the night before, so getting up was not easy. However, I was really excited, and I somehow managed to pry Robert out of bed. We grabbed a simple breakfast and managed to make it to the race site about 40 minutes early so we had plenty of time to grab our race packets and stretch. 

We ran in honor of Robert's mother who had thyroid cancer a few years ago. Robert apparently forgot this though; he saw the red ribbon that read "Peggy Ashby" and said, "Liz. That's not you." The race registration lady looked at him like he had to be kidding, and I just cracked up!

Poor Bobert- sleep deprived and a little loopy. :) He ran on ahead of me, and finished just under 28 minutes. That gave him a bit of time to go get the camera from the car and wait for me at the finish line. 

I don't look like I'm running very fast here, but believe me- I was booking it! Robert was about 40 yards or so in front of the finish line, so I sprinted as soon as I saw him. That was a bit of a mistake since it was uphill at this point, and I didn't realize I had 100 yards to go! 

I finished happy though! So excited about my new PR! 

It was an excellent race! The best yet, in my opinion. I didn't stop to walk once!  It may have been hot and ridiculous (Poor Bobert got sick at the finish line), but we had a good time. We ended the race exhausted, but happy... then headed out for pancakes! :)

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