Monday, October 4, 2010

Disney World Part 3: Animal Kingdom

Welp. Marie Claire- You're a bunch of idiots. How can you bring down the healthy living community in an extremely biased and untrue articles,  but have articles featured in your magazine linked at the bottom for a "10 day detox" and other get skinny quick crap? Now THAT'S healthy. Thanks. We appreciate your biased opinions because hopefully, it will drive more traffic towards the real, healthy, inspirational women behind these food blogs and away from your skeletal, air-brushed models. Epic Fail

So what do you guys think? Is it possible to have a healthy role model these days? Are we ever going to get away from disordered eating and into healthy, happy, body accepting lifestyles? I can tell you that my health and self esteem have improved ten fold since discovering the food blogs. They got me into racing and introduced me to community supported agriculture (more on this in a later post) and new vegetables. They help me feel environmentally responsible by bringing to my attention just how little we know about what goes onto our plates and into our bodies. I commend these women for everything they do and congratulate them on accomplishing their dream jobs. No one thinks twice about paying millions of dollars for people to act or model or play a sport; why do we question when someone makes a modest living from a blog or a bakery business that they built from the ground up?

Anyway, now that I got my controversy of the day out- I'll conclude our Disney Trip. The last day was spent in the best park ever- Animal Kingdom! 

Here's Daddy in front of the entrance. I was so excited!

The Tree of Life!

Of course the first thing we did was grab fast passes for Escape from Everest and then head over to the Harambe Safari Ride! It was amazing! I thought it was going to just be driving around looking at animals, but they worked in a story line with poachers and a baby elephant. We were being "shot at" at one point! 

Here are some of the animals we saw- Rhinos and Cranes

And a Man Cub! Just kidding. :) But it was interesting having to ride with the little munchkins in our laps in the 90* weather. I had Kenleigh, and she would not sit still! 

We still loved it though! I'm sure Africa would have been even hotter, so it just added to the realism I suppose. 


And a newborn elephant! (A real one too! Not the fake one featured in the poacher story line.)

After the safari, we walked around to the animal exhibits on the walking trails. 

There was a baby gorilla! She was only seven months old and had just that week begun to walk around on her own for the first time! So adorable. 

Robert and I played with pictures a bit more. I think that was the most fun part of the trip- taking pictures. Another reason why I love being a blogger so much! 

We were headed to the Nemo show when we passed Timon! He didn't have a line, so we took our picture with him. He's the only character we got to do that with, so it was a really lucky break since we didn't want to stand in line. 

The Nemo show line was really cute. We went early to get good seats, but we took some pics with the character signs on the way in. Fish are friends... but I still eat them occasionally. Sorry friends. :(

Right on little dude! I wish people realized how much we are affected by what happens out in the big blue. 

Once inside we played around with posing pics with the decorations. Here's Robert "blowing bubbles" with the stage decorations. 

The costumes and puppets were incredible! Here's the aquarium gang. 

And Marlin + Crush! Crush was so cool, but taking pictures was hard because there wasn't any flash allowed. They were always moving, so these are two out of probably ten pictures that actually weren't blurry. 

After the show Robert and I went over to Rafiki's Wildlife Reserve. It was all about rainforest conservation and endangered species. I could have spent a lot more time there, but we had reservations at Boma- the African food buffet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

We spent a little time at the petting zoo, and then headed back to catch the parade. Right after I took a picture of Robert giving Baloo a high-five our camera died. *So sad.* We have no pictures of the lodge or dinner, but I assure you- it was amazing. Robert and I still have four un-used non-expiring park tickets left! Can't wait to go back!

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