Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I haven't been blogging about

Robert and I ran 5 miles yesterday! It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be; and even with all the stops and knee brace adjustments, we finished in 1 hour! Not bad for the farthest we've ever run. 

So in all the Disney World aftermath, there have been some fun things in my life that I didn't get a chance to blog about, so I'd like to catch up now. First of all- while we were in Disney, Karns was celebrating homecoming. I was very sad that I missed the faculty skit, but I got to help some by choreographing the dance. (An amusing you tube video came out of this. Let me know if you care to see it.) The lovely beaver cave woman below was my contribution to the faculty hallway competition. I didn't draw her, but I did color her. I spent way too much energy on perfecting her, but isn't she awesome? We won by the way. :)

 Two weekends ago was the annual Teacher Appreciation Weekend at the Gatlinburg Ripley's attractions. Robert and I went with Mary and Thomas and had a really good time! Here's Robert with the statue I entitled "Startled Eagle." No really. Look at it's face! (The bird, not the husband's)

Robert and I on our way to the "Swangin Bridge." Which, by the way, is exactly how they would say it out here. I doubt they even intentionally misspelled "swinging." Love it! 

After the "odditorium" and the VT football game, we made a mad dash through the aquarium to see the penguins! So fun! Although they were all pretty much asleep since it was 9pm. In the Penguin playhouse, they have a bunch of ways to be quasi-interactive with the penguins. Mainly it is just tunnels you can crawl through to get to a little viewing area in the exhibit. There were no adults in there at the time, but I have no shame. I crawled in with all the kids, and it was absolutely worth all the raised eyebrows. 

This weekend we visited the farmer's market to pick up our CSA share. If you're unfamiliar with Community Supported Agriculture, it is a wonderful way to get fresh, local, and organic veggies for cheap (and in our case- to make yourself try more green things). At the beginning of the season we bought a share of the farm, and then each week we go get whatever they have for us! We've gotten popcorn, turnips, alfalfa sprouts, green beans, tomatoes, green peppers, apples, cabbage, squash... you name it! It's been a really fun way to up our veggie intake and try new recipes. Plus it's just cool to pop fresh popcorn on your stove; then chow down knowing it was grown 20 miles from our house. 

We tried a run before the market (hence my attire), but it turned into a walk since my ankle was sore. Still running one mile, then walking a little over one more makes you thirsty. Mmmm fresh squeezed pomegranate lemonade!

 Q likes the market too. Lots of new smells and dogs. 

Beautiful local art for sale. 
And those really cool name puzzles my mom got my siblings and I when we were kids. 

The market was a ton of fun, but there was so much I didn't get to buy or try. I would love to sample the home-made ice cream or breads, but I guess that will have to wait another week! I'm headed to Williamsburg this weekend to visit with my Gamma Phi Beta Fish! :)

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