Saturday, October 23, 2010

Self Entertainment

It's just me, myself, and Quincy at the Ashby abode for today. Robert's been at a church leadership conference since yesterday morning, so I've been finding ways to entertain myself!

Like nixing the idea of making healthy pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and instead choosing a pumpkin cupcake with cream-cheese icing and an apple. Same thing right?

 Or deciding that visiting the Coulter's for dinner last night would be more fun than appearing stag at our apartment complex's Halloween party, then playing with Mary's new icing piping bags on said pumpkin cupcakes. Beautiful no? (There you go Sarah! Reader's Request: Cupcakes! :-p)

And as always, Quincy has no problem entertaining herself when Abby is around! She came home exhausted and covered in Sheltie drool. Come to think of it... that's how I came home too! (I kid. I kid.)

Enjoy your weekend! I'm off to the farmer's market and the mall to do some more entertaining, then I'll be back with some recipe posts this afternoon. 

1 comment:

  1. i like your entertainment

    (from you husband)