Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Queen of Ugly Baked Goods

 My fall break plans got turned upside down this afternoon. Robert went to hug me, then stepped back with a very concerned look on his face. He asked me if I felt ok, and when I looked confused he told me I was burning up. I took my temp- 100*F. Holy Mess! I NEVER run fevers. In fact, I usually run a little cool. I called the doc and they said as long as I didn't feel really super sick there was no point coming in. Apparently you have to be 101* or higher to count as a "real fever." Whatever. Needless to say though, an 8 hour drive I would have been making alone is not in my future anymore. I know if I stay here, I'll probably end up feeling fine. But if I go, I'll probably get super sick out there and have no way home. It's kind of how my life works. Whatever I choose is usually wrong. I'm super sad because I feel like I'm letting my sorority family down, but I know they understand. At least I hope they do. (Love you ladies, I really do!) I'm going to go in January when I have a random Monday off for President's Day or something. I'm bummed, but I'll make the best of it. 

Earlier today, while I still thought I'd be leaving for the weekend, I decided I needed to do some refrigerator clean up. Robert doesn't really cook when I'm not here, so I needed to use up some things before they went bad. First on my list was a whole mess of CSA veggies. I made a stew in the crock pot, but I have no idea how it turned out yet. It smells good though.

Second on my list was 24 eggs that Bert bought for the church picnic egg toss. Needless to say, they were never used, and I don't throw out animal products if I can help it. Twenty-four eggs? Totally stumped... I made french toast, but that still left me with twenty-two!  

I did some research online and- Aha! Angel food cake to the rescue! Now being a culinary maverick (or just a culinary nerd), I know that angel food is not easy. I wanted to do it anyway, so I gathered all the ingredients and jumped right in. How could I go wrong with an Alton Brown recipe?

I let the stand mixer do the hard part- twelve egg whites + super fine sugar + cream of tarter...

Will give you this! Looking good. Looking good....

I carefully scooped my batter into my bundt cake pan, and thought I was home free at that point. The hard part should have been over. 

Or not... I put my cake on a rack that was too high in the oven, and it puffed up and burned against the broiler coils. Fail. Maybe the inside looks ok?

Nope. Still pretty fail-tastic. For some reason, my cooking is always slap-dash. I make a huge mess and the presentation is never right. How this next point comes to be, I don't understand... 

No matter how ugly my cooking is, it tastes really, really good. Does that fully redeem me?

After all, that's what really counts right?

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