Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaycie Louise!

Over Thanksgiving, we not only got to eat turkey side dishes with our family, we also got to stuff our face with birthday cake in honor of my niece's first birthday! Her actual birthday was last Friday, the third, but we celebrated a little early since everyone was already in town. 

My sisters and mom did a great job with the party food. They had a selection of soups and ALL of them were vegetarian!!! This made Robert and I so happy! And none of the meat-eaters there seemed to notice a difference. Probably because cheesy potato soups or bean-y taco soups are universal, something I wish more restaurants/establishments would take note of!

 Happy Birthday Baby Kaycie! She got to wear the much beloved "I'm One" party hat. I think every niece of mine has worn that hat at this point, and I'm sure it will continue to be passed on. We even have a blue one for the nephews! :)

 My niece Paisley was all about the toys as usual!

 And I LOVED the vintage owl them that Ang chose for everything. The invitations were especially cute!

 Uncle Lane gives the best "horsey" rides!

 and Eli spent plenty of quality time with Granny! I'm so happy he doesn't give me the stink-eye anymore, lol! He has gotten very particular about who can hold him in the past six months, and Robert and I became "strangers" there for a little while since we live so far away. But eventually he remembered that he knew us. <3

I love my babies! (Brant, Kenleigh, and Liam too even though they eluded my camera!) They make me look forward to Christmas so much!

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