Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Darling!

After a brief date with an elliptical machine, packing up the car, and getting the animals ready to go, Robert and I will be headed to Virginia to see this... (JOWLS!!!) 
Along with the other five equally adorable, slightly less fat, nieces and nephews, and a few myriad adult friends and family members to boot. I am sorry to say I don't know how much blogging will ensue, but I promise to do a recap on my return after the new year. 

Before we leave though, I'm going to dedicate the last blog post of this year to the one person that has changed my life forever in more ways than I could have dreamed. Robert Ashby- This one's for you. (And I'll keep it light-hearted and wise-cracking for you non-sappy types. No worries.)

According to the national average, men do 1/3 of the housework in domestic situations. My husband blows this out of the water completely by doing approximately 99.6% of the housework, including occasionally driving me to school when my gas light is on so he can fill the tank up once he's dropped me off. Never mind that he could have been stranded in Karns suburbia... He made it ok. (Yes, that would be the gas gauge range in the photo below.)

Or accompanying me to the doctor's office when I'm slowly smothering to death from blocked sinuses, then taking pictures of me on his cell phone without my knowledge or permission. Gah, I am so beautiful here, I tell ya! 

He's not all pranks though. When we go grocery shopping, he likes to write romantic "backward z" graffiti in the frozen foods section. Awww! I love you too honey. :)

For Christmas, instead of diamonds or perfume, I get trips to beautiful bed and breakfasts with down comforters, fireplaces, satellite television, and a jacuzzi tub. This was our present to each other this year! Braeside Inn in Pigeon Forge- we HIGHLY recommend it! We spent Tuesday through Thursday of this week there and had the best time.

Robert found this little gem all on his own and proceeded to thieve my snuggie and read for a large portion of our time there. It's ok... I did the same thing. Finally finished Pride and Predjudice!

 My beloved takes me to Pigeon Forge for barely vegetarian friendly lunch at the Old Mill, 

and buys season tickets to Dollywood with me so that we can come back and laugh at the "I gotta pee!" reindeer all year long.

And best of all... Robert rides roller coasters with me despite the fact that they make him look like this...

A great dramatic re-enactment, but I promise you- the original face was ten times more horrified and hysterical. I love you babe!

Merry Christmas Friends! 

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