Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Ballz.

What do you do with a container of Earth Balance the size of your head?

Bake Cookies!!!! Or kind of bake them... if you're making Mama Pea's Dough Balls anyway.

 I have a problem with my dough balls. The last time I made them, they did not stay ball shaped... so this time, I used very little liquid and had the great idea to freeze them before baking-

 But when I let them cool on the hot pan my balls turned to discs. Fail. They were still declared delicious at our ACC championship party though, so onto another type of ball...

 Football! Mom gave me this Virginia Tech Pasta, and I decided the perfect time to use it would be during the ACC Championships. We conned Mary and Thomas into letting us come over to watch their ESPN, and in return I bribed them with cookies and mACC and cheese. :D

Cute little VT pastas...

Bathed in cheesy, cheesy goodness...

 Leaves you with pure deliciousness! (at 800 calories a serving, don't expect me to be making this often.)

The game was soooo good! A nice easy victory for us, and not stressful at all! I get so on edge when I think we might lose. Too bad for Florida State that their QB was on the fritz with an elbow injury. It was a good game, just not a nail-biter. But I am ok with that, and my blood pressure is too! Orange Bowl here we come! Bring it Stanford!

 The puppies aren't interested in the sport of football, only the sport of wrestling. 

 And spooning... Awwww! Sweet Girls... (Don't be fooled, Q whipped around and chomped on Abby's face about two seconds after I took this!)

While the wrestling antics are fun to watch, the best part about them is when the girls pass out from exhaustion. In fact, I think Quincy still hasn't recovered yet, but she sure does love her friend Abby*. 

*I love my friend Abby too. And the rest of you who I would name but there are just too many to list. :)

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