Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today and Yesterday...

Let's make a comparison, shall we?

Yesterday's To-Do List
- Don't sleep in too late
- Go in to work and finish all grading for the fall semester
- Clean and straighten classroom
- Move physics equipment from the chemistry store room to my classroom
- Write/Edit syllabi for the spring semester
- Make parent phone calls to students with a 68-69.4F
- Copy for the the first two days of class
- Remind dance team about today's game
- Watch Tech play in the Orange Bowl

Almost everything was accomplished in the 6+ hours that I went to work, and I also managed to order/pick up pizza for dinner and bring Robert his car key when he locked himself out of the cavvy at Advanced Auto. The only thing I didn't get to was the copying part, which I fully intended on doing when I went back to work today.

Now, after Tech's spectacular loss, a not-so-fun run in the cold weather, and too many complaints from teenage girls about how they don't want to go to the game tonight (believe me, I don't want to go either.), I'm kind of at my breaking point. So, here is...

Today's To-Do List
- Sleep in like it's the last time you'll ever sleep past 9am
- Go on the laziest "run" of your life (Hey, at least I went!)
- Decide NOT to go in to work
- Give yourself a pedicure while watching one of the DVD's you stole from Mom's house
- Go to KHS around 5pm for the Bball game
- Spend loads of quality time reading Harry Potter during the game (I hate basketball.)
- Sneak upstairs and do your copying between half-time performances

Think I can handle today's list? I sure do. Off to enjoy my last day of freedom!

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