Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Recap

Now that the dust from the first week back has settled and I have survived the Tennessee Christian Teen Convention (post to come), I can finally update you on my wonderful Christmas break. It started with a snowy Christmas Eve drive to my sister Angela's house. We wanted to actually spend Christmas morning with some children (makes it much more fun), so Ang and Kenny let us come crash their family's holiday. There were toys everywhere! We got to help Santa out, and he even surprised us with a stocking so we had something to open!

After breakfast, we headed to Robert's family for our Ashby gift exchange. It was Liam's first Christmas ever! Isn't he so stinkin' cute? He's right around 6 months, which I think is my favorite baby age. Still not mobile, so you don't have to chase them yet, and they love you instantly even if they haven't seen you in months. :)

Robert FINALLY got the remote controlled helicopter he's been talking about non-stop since Thanksgiving. Too bad this one was broken!!! He had to send it back, but he did order another one as soon as we got home and he's had plenty of flight time since then. 

I got some nature DVD's for my biology classroom/personal use (read: DORK). I was so stoked about LIFE with Oprah, but surprisingly she is a lack-luster narrator. The beautiful high definition camera shots more than made up for it though. I will never look at chameleons the same way again!

We spent the rest of Saturday with the Ashby's, then had the May family Christmas at my brother's house since the snow knocked out the power at my parents. The kiddos, adult males, and my sister Ang had a lot of fun playing in the snow. Eli and Kenleigh's cheeks were so adorably red! The rest of the women stayed inside with the babies and helped cook. 

Speaking of babies- we got a great announcement! My sister Paula is pregnant! I was beginning to think that Paisley (her 3 year old) had convinced them not to have any more children with her hyper ways, but apparently not! I distinctly remember an incident this summer at the beach which involved Paisley jumping off a dining chair towards the glass coffee table while her mom had several heart attacks in the midst of trying to catch her. The oldest grandbaby- Brant asked, "Paisley- What are you doing?" I responded, "Shhh Brant. She's trying to make sure she's an only child." Didn't work though apparently, and I'm so glad! After Paula made the announcement, I asked her if she wanted a boy or a girl, and she said she just wanted one that was "calm." Ha ha! I'll keep my fingers crossed for her. With Anna and Jacob having their second child in June and Paula due in August, we will have seven May grandbabies next year! 

After that I think the baby boom will be over though. At least until Robert and I are ready to contribute our own little chubby cheek pincher!

More presents were opened...

The kiddos got a lot more fun things!

And Robert got a Tyrod Taylor jersey! He and Eli were rocking the Tech wear that night. We really do bleed Maroon and Orange- every single one of us!

Paisley got some mermaid toys- her favorite!

And Kaycie had us all laughing with her sunglasses. 

Daddy thought Robert and I had gotten him a Jedi robe. (It's a snuggie, Daddy!)

And the girls locked themselves in the cage, I swear! Ha ha ha!

The rest of vacation was mostly spent relaxing or hanging out with friends. This picture is my best friend currently living in LA. She's holding my niece, which is hysterical if you know Abby! Babies are like kryptonite to her, but she did so well with Kaycie! 

We went out several nights, including one night to have a five year class reunion at a local lounge. Lots of fun, but alas I did not take any pictures. Sorry! There are so many amazing ladies that aren't pictured in this post, but I think I've gone on long enough. I love you girls! Hope you're enjoying 2011 so far!

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