Monday, January 10, 2011

TCTC 2011

I have been working at school so much this week. I went in Monday from 12-6 even though I was technically still on break. Wednesday was the first day back for staff. I got there at 7:30, and I didn't leave until well after 5pm. Thursday was a dance team practice day and the first day back for students. I was in my classroom at 7:20 and I stayed there until 6:30 with the exception of bathroom breaks and lunch. Friday we were leaving for TCTC, so I got in early at 7:30 but I still didn't get out of there until 4:40. I don't even want to think about how many hours that is for a three day week, but I can tell you I have been crabby. I took on an extra class this semester (Physics), and I'm so excited to teach it plus I'm getting paid well to do it. However, I really do feel like I live at the school. 

This whole situation has made me very jealous of my husband, who sends me text messages that say things like "Honey! I just flew the helicopter off the balcony!" and "Did you see that facebook status?" Sure, he sends these when he's on his lunch break or at home in the evenings while I'm contemplating building a nest under my desk and sleeping at Karns, but I'm ashamed to say I still sometimes send scathing replies implying that I work harder than he does. 

After this weekend though, I can't ever say my husband does not work hard. He took seven teenagers to Gatlinburg for a two-day, 5,000 person convention with only his cranky wife as help. Observe the aftermath here-

We both crashed yesterday afternoon as soon as we got home. He however, had to sit through an elder's meeting before he got to his nap, poor guy. We had a good time though, and this is our 3rd TCTC. We love it! It's the best youth convention out there in our opinion. Lots of singing and concert-worthy stage lights and cameras... Amazing speakers, comedians, and music groups... Very much worth the effort!

This year we were surprised with about six inches of snow while we were there too. I was quaking in my boots about having to drive back in it with four children that don't belong to me, but thankfully God heard my prayer and the roads were clear for the drive home. 

The kids loved it! I had to put the kibosh on the sliding around though after two of them busted their butts. I did NOT want to send anyone home broken. 

Comedian Taylor Mason was there with his puppets, and our friend Sydney from County Line got to go up on stage! We didn't even recognize her at first, but there she is! In the middle with the snow hat on! Other things about this picture I want to point out because they are funny- On the left is a giant person sized Sumo Muppet. Next to the Sumo wrestler is a little girl wearing several things that I love- a confederate flag tee with a vicious looking wolf head coming out of the middle, topped off with a Real Tree camo hat. (God bless the South! Hysterical!) Finally, the puppet on the right is supposed to be Barack Obama, but I'm pretty sure it's Taylor Mason's George W. Bush puppet painted black. I promise that has no political intention. It's just a completely innocent observation. 

My favorite guest at the convention though was a man named Joe Castillo. He's an artist and he does these incredible sand stories. He basically works on a light table drawing pictures in the sand to music while they project it onto the screens. 

Check out the details though! So beautiful! 

One other note-worthy artist- Charlie Hall was in charge of all the worship songs. Robert and I were already fans, so it was really cool to see him live. 

The theme of the week was The Redline. It focused on the direct link from Genesis all the way to Jesus and our place in God's plan. The speakers were amazing, and I felt like I learned so much! 

All in all, it was a good (COLD) weekend! Despite the hotel chaos, one case of the stomach flu, and lots of teenage "romance," I really did have a good time. Thanks for taking me Robert! And for doing pretty much all the work. :)

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