Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finding my stride

I promise I want to start blogging again... I guess I just need to find my stride.

I love Saturdays... especially Saturdays when I sleep until 10am and have nothing important to do. This past week has been so busy and crazy! For a four day week, it sure felt more like a month. Firstly, we've been dealing with canine anxiety issues since the weekend before last... It figures that my dog would come with an anxiety issue! She's much better now, but she was chewing everything in sight whenever we would leave. She chewed the door frame in the bathroom one night when we went to see Sherlock Holmes (great movie, by the way- highly recommended) and that was the last straw. I started researching separation anxiety right then and happily all it took was a little immersion therapy, some treat balls, and stripping our living room, kitchen, and dining room bare of anything she could chew. I'm typing this now at a desk I can't properly sit at because there is a cage surrounding the base to protect our electrical cords... oh well, it could be worse, and at least I'm no longer terrified of what I'll find when I get home from work.

The rest of the week was school, school, and more school. Dance team practice Tuesday, parent's night was Thursday, my final evaluation was Friday, the homecoming basketball game was last night, and most of the paperwork for my yearly evaluation had to be complete this week. Now all that is standing between me and summer (human resources wise) is one unit plan that I will work on next week.

On the food front, I've really enjoyed eating all the organic and whole food produce and products Robert and I have started purchasing. Ezekiel Bread and Almond butter make the best PB&J's! (AB&J's?) Our grocery bill barely went up and I really am starting not to miss most junk food. Although I did eat Zaxby's for lunch today (makes me feel so gross now) and some nachos at the game last night, so I'm not perfect but I'm taking it a day at a time. I made (almost) Vegan Almond Butter Chocolate Chip cookies from the Fitnessista last night and they are amazing! So so so good... I used half whole wheat and half all-purpose flour since I have NO idea what spelt flour is, and they still turned out great. I'm going to try to keep up with my food on here a bit since I'm really into health/fitness/FOOD blogs (see my favorite here), but I'll also post about my life too for Lauren's sake. (I miss you!)

Robert and I are training for our first 5k coming up in April through the Couch to 5k program and so far so good! It gives Quincy some exercise and I love the feeling I get from running. Week 1 is done, 8 more to go!

Quincy (with her head in the organic crackers box she found and devoured a few weeks ago...) says Hello! Off to shower from my run and watch some Bball with the Hubs!

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