Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I love my Mom.

I don't believe in snow that doesn't stick. So upsetting to have to watch the snow pour from the clouds through your classroom window and know that you aren't going anywhere at all. *sigh*

My ME presentation today was not quite as fun as I hoped it'd be, but that's ok. There's always next year. My freshmen had a test today, so I got lots of grading done and prepped for BLAST tomorrow. Did I do my lesson plan? No. I did not. I was planning on tackling that during Dance Team practice, but apparently they canceled practice this week so that the girls can work on their senior dance. Not sure when that unit plan is getting done now... but hopefully by this friday so I can focus on--

Finally found a practice physics praxis book that I don't have to purchase! Everyone at school thinks I'm crazy for going for it. Apparently it's super hard, but I know it will really be worth it. I want to teach the older, smarter, more serious students! Plus, I loved teaching the physics portion of Physical Science, so physics seems like a smart next step. No masters classes to take. Automatic job security. Pay raise. It's looking like a better option than PA school or a masters degree right now. We'll see where it takes me.

Food today: Oatmeal for breakfast, krispy kreme for a snack (then I sold the rest so I'm safe from them now), carrots and home made hummus, two bites of last night's stoup (which I gagged on because it tasted super chicken-y. not what i wanted), a piece of ezekiel bread, an orange, an apple, a bag of kettle corn popcorn, two pieces of dark chocolate with almonds, two pieces of ezekiel bread french toast topped with peaches and lite maple syrup, two slices of bacon. not bad right? i didn't track though. bah- i don't want to!!! but I need to. gotta make myself do that at some point.

Glad Bert and I did our run yesterday because it is COLD outside! I may do some yoga tonight, but we'll see. I really just want to chill.

And my commentary on today's picture: Gosh I love my family. Please note how my mother looks amazingly, glowingly beautiful- while the rest of us are acting a fool. we can't ever get her to smile in pictures... well until now that is. Thanks Mom. You're the best.

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