Monday, January 25, 2010

A light in the deep...

Today was typical- Robert got up and made me oatmeal for breaky, and then I drove to school to print out my marine ecology tests for first block. I had a miniature panic attack when I forgot where I saved the test on my laptop and freaked out for about 10 minutes with Windows search looking for it. (I hate you Microsoft. Why can't you be simple like Apple?) Anyway, I found it and got everything printed and copied before my all junior/senior class showed up 3 minutes before the bell.

Normally I love test days, but not in ME. I miss talking to them and lecturing on topics that are super interesting to me. Tomorrow, I'm lecturing on bioluminescence and the power point that another ME teacher put together is so CUTE! It starts with pretending you're in the bathypelagic (deep ocean) zone. You can't imagine WHAT would live down there because it's so dark and cold. Suddenly, you see a light in the distance. What is that? It's so pretty! (see where this is going?) You rush to it, wondering what in the world could be down there and ... RAWR! You're eaten by an angler fish! I'm going to have so much fun with it tomorrow.

I also learned about these really amazing dogfish sharks called cookie cutter sharks, and their bellies actually bioluminesce to match the sky so that viewed from below you can't see them. Typical for a fish with counter-shading, BUT these little guys have a special patch of cells that don't light up. That means when viewed from below, they actually look like a much smaller prey fish. A predatory fish like a tuna (albeit a small tuna) sees the shark and thinks "yum! lunch!" and when they go to strike, the shark gobbles them up. I thought that was just too cool!

I could go on and on too, talking about milky seas you can see from space and squid that display a sunset of their own, but I think I'll save the rest of my bio mumbo jumbo for another day. It has been super cool to teach this class though, and I'm learning so much every day. I really hope they give it to me again next year! ME and Physics would be so perfect... Wait a minute- do I like teaching again?!? I think I do!

Health Note: Robert and I are still training for our 5k. Our run today was soooo cold, but I over bundled and ended up hot and sweaty and gross. Food wise, I had a good day. I really need to go back to counting points or calories or something. Everything I ate was healthy (except for a Krispy Kreme donut that I bought to sell in class tomorrow and support Haiti), but I think I need to make sure I'm portioning right. I can't decided if I'm happy at my weight right now or if I need to keep trying to lose. I'm at a weird place where I'm happy with what the scale says, but I'm not happy with how my body feels or my clothes fit. Technically I'm at my goal, but my Anne Taylor "skinny jeans" from the first time I lost the weight still don't fit. I could continue to lose healthfully I think as long as I'm careful. I'm still 21 pounds over the low end of my weight range- I just need to buckle down and count for a whole year before I decide that I am cured enough of my food addictions/bad habits to eat intuitively. Ok- that will be tomorrow's goal: Start tracking again. Wish me luck!

Pic of the Day: Baby Kaycie with a wink and a smile!

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