Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apple/Jewelry Party

I just spent an hour making up a really simple dance to Miley Cyrus's "Can't be Tamed" for our faculty homecoming next week, and I am super sweaty! Blarg! No idea why either, the dance isn't hard at all, but maybe I was just having fun? I LOVE the skit I helped write. Sadly I will not be able to participate though, because we will be in Disney World for Homecoming Friday.

Speaking of Fridays, this past Friday I invited some friends over to celebrate the start of fall with an Apple Party! I'm not sure what an apple party is, but I saw one in my BH&G magazine and it seemed fun. We just had apple themed food, and my AMAZING HUSBAND decorated the apartment in wonderful fall fashion. My friend Denise also came over to sell some premiere jewelry as a fundraiser for my dance team. I'm pretty sure she's going to swear off working with me though... I don't think I even broke $100 in sales. I'm a terrible salesperson. I really am! 

Denise had a beautiful spread though!

And we all had fun being models... Here's Amanda showing off the magnolia ring (plus a billion other things)

And then Mary was my "model" that I had to dress in 2 minutes. She looked good, but we were at a disadvantage. Janette, our minister's wife who loves jewelry and wears it all the time, was dressing Amanda in our little 2 minute competition. 

I got to model jewelry as the hostess and clearly had fun with all the bling. 

Denise even taught us the proper way to model rings. Don't I look like a natural? :) We had fun! Wish I had sold more, but I'm learning. If you're reading this and need some beautiful jewelry for a good cause- let me know! The dance team gets 20% and I need $40 more in sales! Pretty please? I'll love you forever! (But then again I'll love you anyway, and you know that...)

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