Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not much going on...

Just wanted to do a quick (and very random) update since it's been a few days since I posted! I wish I could post everyday, but with the way my job is right now it's just not practical. Plus I don't always have info that I think you guys will find interesting. 

This week has been a whirlwind. Getting back into the swing of things after a long-weekend is surprisingly never easy, and I'm an idiot who always over schedules myself. Tomorrow night I'm hosting a Premiere Jewelry party that I hope people will actually come to... It's looking like it may be me, Mary, Denise, and a dozen apple cupcakes. Oh well! Can't say I didn't try, right? I'm terrible at parties. And I may surprise myself by actually having people come and prove that my ability to socialize is not stunted and inept... we'll see. 

On Tuesday, Robert called me over to look at something hanging in the tree outside our balcony... Take a looksie! (Unless you're Beth. Then, don't look.)

Yes. That is a dang SNAKE SKIN. And a HUGE one at that! I usually don't mind snakes as long as I know where they are and I can see them. So of course, I was frantically searching the branches for the culprit so I could keep my eye on him when we found... 

Another one! On the ground below the tree! Now, there can't possibly be more than one HUGE snake in that tree, so evidently (I HOPE!) somebody has a pet. Somebody likes to throw their pet's shedding off their balcony. Gross. They're both still there by the way. Not. Cool. :(

After the snake madness, Robert and I reviewed the ads we put on Craig's list to sell some things. Our ginormous entertainment center that we hated because it's heavy and impractical would not sell, so we put it up for free if someone would come get it. Thankfully, they did. And voila- New living room set-up. Robert likes it a lot. I'm getting used to it. I'm just really excited that the extra space in the spare 'oom means I can get an elliptical for when it gets really cold. :D

And to just put a cherry on top of the randomness of this post- I wish you all could enjoy s'mores the way I do. And I wished I enjoyed runner's yoga as much as I enjoy my chocolatey-marshmallowey treats, because that's what I'm doing next. With much randomness and love, I bid you adieu. 

Oh and Congratulations to my friend Jessica on her brand new Baby Girl! <3

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