Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fairs can be fun!

It's amazing how during the week I have NOTHING to blog about, and then at the end of the weekend I'm so swamped with footage I have to split up the posts! This weekend will be coming to you in three parts, fyi. 

Last night, Mary, Thomas, Robert, and I went to the state fair at Chilhowee Park. The fair comes every year, but this was the first time Robert and I have gone. I imagined that it would be a lot like the Salem Fair back home, but it was a lot bigger. Here are some highlights, and I'll try to keep it mostly pictures because there are a lot. 

They had show goats on display for you to see and pet. It was fun to see all the different breeds. 

This is an odd ear-less goat. Apparently it's a type of breed though, because he wasn't the only one without ears. Weird looking though...

Robert and I got to try out "American Gothic" in honor of the farm theme for this year's fair. (Bert looks more like an elf than a grumpy old farmer...

Here's us overlooking the rides. We didn't actually ride anything because it costs too much money. We were looking for two things- free entertainment, after admission of course, and fried oreos. (Eeee... Check out how sunburned my legs are! More on that later...)

Mary and I of course wanted to go in the Discovery Center and play with all the science-y stuff. The displays were out-dated and mostly broken, but we did find some gems. Here's Robert performing the "money shot" in the space ship/black light room.

The cosmic arcade was a really cool demo of how we can collect sound and radio waves from space. You stood at two dishes across the room and whispered to each other; it sounded like you were standing right next to the other person! Really cool.

There was a petting zoo that I'll post more about in the Fair Pt. 2 post, but I wanted to show you this funny picture of the goat standing on the tortoise.

Finally found our fried oreos! Yum yum!

I hate to say it, but almost everything is better dipped in pancake batter and deep fried. I stuck to my plan though and only ate one. Didn't plan on the several bites of Mary's funnel cake that I stole, but hey- you only go to the fair once a year.

Near the end of the evening (before the hypnotist show that I will post about separately because I actually got to participate!), we stumbled across a "Bedazzle your Bra for Breast Cancer Research" contest.

They were crazy! And very fun to look at.

This cow one was really cute! Bobert wanted me to stand behind it like I was wearing it, but the coat hanger got in the way. Ha!

Here was "Best in Show." Really cool and very creative!

Speaking of breast cancer research, if you'd still like to donate to our October 30th Race for the Cure 5k, you can do that here

Arrrrgh Mateys! Hope ye be enjoyin yer annual "Talk Like A Pirate" Day! If ye don't? T' davey jones' locker wit ye! Swab the deck and shiver me timbers!!!!

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