Saturday, September 18, 2010

They're back!!!

Not gonna lie- I started today's game off with a stomach ache and tears in my eyes. 17-7 already? Come on guys! No defensive line, whatsoever. Ryan Williams out with an injury... Not a happy camper. 

And then "Second and Forty" happened! ECU got three penalties in a row that pushed them back 40 yards from the first down line, and apparently that's what it took to get my Hokies to wake up and play some football! Because if you can't hold them on second and forty, you're asleep on the field!

I've been screaming so much the last 20 minutes that I'm hoarse! My neighbors probably hate me from jumping up and down so much, but I don't care! I have hope in our season once again! 

Final score after two huge defensive interceptions and two huge touchdowns in the fourth quarter: Hokies 49- Pirates 27

Let's Go Hokies!

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