Sunday, September 5, 2010

Much better than Fireworks!

Right now, (practically) everyone in Knoxville is by Calhoun's on the River gearing up to watch the fireworks at the 2010 Boom's Day Labor Day Weekend celebration. Robert and I attended this Knoxville tradition last year, and found it to be crowded beyond our comfort level. Too many people, too many expensive food vendors, too many lines. Not nearly worth a 30 minute fireworks show, even if it was pretty cool. So this year, we are skipping it, watching it on TV, and doing so many cooler things! 

Spent time in our new-to-us hammock swing, aka my "monkey chair" while wearing my favorite pants in the entire world- my "yog pants". 

Sold our old television on Craig's List and bought a new one from Sam's. (Robert's excited about the HD. I really could care less about any of it unless a Tech game is on. Monday Night! Bring it on Boise State!)

Bought an extra nightstand for Robert's side of the bed so that our room is "balanced." Now when will we put pictures on the walls? Not sure if we'll ever get around to that.

Indulged my adoration for the one thing standing in my way of veganism: Cheese Fries and Ranch Dressing. (Which I will be making at home from now on. These were wayyy greasy despite the googley eyes I am making in this picture. And I kept crunching into things I'm sure were bits of chicken tender breading. *Gag*)

Took the puppy for a Sunday afternoon drive with the windows down!

Hiked by a lake...

... and enjoyed the beautiful nature surrounding us! We walked for about 5 miles and ate dinner on a bench near the trail. It didn't end up leading anywhere really cool, but we did have a great time!

Especially falling down this hill. Yep- that's me. Sliding on my butt in the dirt because there was no other way. It was steeper than it looks, I swear!

See? They even warned us it was steep! Too bad we found this sign AFTER I so gracefully tumbled down the slope.

Ended the hike with some Booty on the Daaa-yum! (Norris Dam.)

And couldn't resist making smores in the oven after walking by all those camp sites. Go ahead and drool. It was as delicious as it looks...

I hope you all are having safe and wonderful labor day weekends! Tomorrow is the first VT game of the season, and we will be celebrating at Mellow Mushroom. Let's go Hokies!


  1. Liz, don't you mean you sold Jake's t.v.? Will you be sharing the profits with!

  2. I have a feeling Jake won't care as long as no one tells him. That TV was super old, and it had to have a converter box just to hook up to an antennae. Plus he has a HUGE tv now, so it would be really silly to complain about a TV he had 10 years ago.