Sunday, July 11, 2010


Alrighty, it's official! I will be using my bloggy for an unspecified amount of time to challenge myself to do all the things I think will make a little bit better. I'm calling it my 1week challenge, because I can do anything for a week and I couldn't think of a better name. If you are reading this and have a good name for my little mini project- let me know! :D

For the first week, since I'll be gone to camp, I'm starting off small.

This week I will... floss every night. :)

I'm terrible about flossing, and there's so much research that avoiding it can lead to heart disease, etc. I just feel like it's not that difficult and I don't really have an excuse not to. Hopefully I can make it a habit. I'll let you all know how it changes my life (and all about camp) on Friday!

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