Thursday, July 8, 2010

Playing the gain

Ha ha! No post since April? I have no excuse. In fact, I'm hoping I realize that I don't have an excuse for a lot of things- training for my races, sticking to weight watchers, studying for physics, not being an angst-ridden young adult...

So what's been going on this summer... Well I missed writing about a lot-

My birthday- lots of fun. All Ashby children and spouse's were present. We ate key lime pie and cheese fries. I gained 2 lbs.

End of the year- My students did SUPER well on their EOC! All but three of them passed the test, so I'm very proud. I ate a lot of cheese fries out of stress. I gained 2 more lbs.

Beach week with the fam- An entire week of the beach, babies, and two kitchens full of processed yumminess. Great for the soul! Bad for the waistline. +1 lbs.

Puerto Rico- Amazing trip as usual! Robert's first time on an airplane (He loved it). Did a lot of manual labor at the school obviously since I came home and someone accused me of not going because they thought I wasn't tan enough. We did get to do a few things just for fun though- Robert and I went to bioluminescent bay and I got to show off my mad science teacher skills! ID'ing all the dinoflaggelates and what not! The last day we went to El Yuncae (the local rainforest) and the beach for a day. All in all Puerto Rico is a lot of fun, but very limited in the vegetarian food choices. Most of their dishes (and practically all of their "healthy" ones) included some sort of meat. I ate a lot of pineapple and fruit, but I also ate a lot of fried things and ice cream. Add 3 more lbs please.

Home from Puerto Rico, I stepped on the scale to find a number I hadn't seen in a year. Sigh. Here we go again. Now I'm signed up for weight watchers for another round, so you'll probably here quite a bit about that. But you'll also hear about the races I'm running! Our second 5k was July 3rd, but I don't know my time as my timing chip apparently messed up. We're running another in August and then a mud run in September. There's a HALF-MARATHON! (gulp!) in Oak Ridge November 21st. Can we do it? You might get to hear about it! Assuming I actually blog as often as I want to... NO EXCUSES!

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