Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Week

The first 1week challenge was a success! Sort of, lol! I forgot to floss the first night, but I did every night after that. What did I learn? That not flossing is just lazy, ha! At least I've started a good habit. Oh and that flossing is boring to write about. ;)

This week I've decided that my 1week challenge will be to spend 20 minutes every night reading my bible. I'm notorious for not doing a daily devotion, and I really need to change that.

Camp last week was a ton of fun! We did an entire day on Tuesday that was reversed- campfire as soon as we woke up and breakfast at 9pm. That was probably the most exciting part of the week. Other than Scott taking a chainsaw to the picnic table the kids spent a day and a half making... That probably needs a bit more explanation. See, this was an illustration about how God spent so much time and energy on his creation only to have it destroyed by sin. Scott with the chainsaw was representative of the Fall, and the backwards day was representative of the whole world being turned upside down. It was actually a really cool way to show them, and then they got to rebuild another picnic table to symbolize Jesus repairing our relationship with God. And we promised we wouldn't take a chainsaw to this one. :)

Mom, Ang, and the babies are here for a few days, so we've been hanging out with them. Tomorrow we're going to the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg and I have NO idea what to get. The weight watchers thing has not been working out for me this time. :( Too much time away from home, etc. etc. etc. So many excuses. Bah. I'll get there though. At least I'm determined to keep trying!

Cute Camp Kiddos! (LOL at Sydney in the back!)

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