Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dang Girl!

Ha ha! You don't even want to KNOW how much food I ate today. Seriously, it's scary.

I actually got my run in though- 30 minutes of intervals and realizing that even a 10min/mile pace is hard for me to maintain. Oh well, gotta start somewhere right? I like this exercising everyday thing. It's hard while I'm on the treadmill, but then I feel really good when it's over.

After working out I made a diaper cake for my friend Jess's shower. There was so much food there! And I ate a bunch of fruit and veggies... and maybe my weight in home made mints that tasted like buttercream icing straight off the side of a cake. Some days my love/hate relationship with foods just gets the best of me. Good thing I run now.

Went to a hibachi grill with friends after the shower, and then hung around the "mall" in M'ville. Yes it's supposed to be in quotation marks. We all know that M'ville does not actually have a mall... I tore Belk apart looking for a fossil purse and ended up with another Maxi dress and some bangles from Cato.
We had a good time just hanging out though, and we may have gone out for ice cream. Man, I'm weak!

So, my day was pretty uneventful, but I've been thinking about my little blog. I think it could be fun to do a weekly blog experiment where I try to improve myself in some way, shape, or form. It could be a serious improvement, like do a good deed and write about it everyday, or it could be something silly, like floss. Anyway, it would give me a mini-challenge and hopefully provide for some entertaining writing. And it will give me a chance to try all the things I've wanted to- like be a vegan for a week, etc. I'll come up with a name for my challenge and think about what I want to do my first week of self-improvement. I'll let you know what it is tomorrow. It can't be anything exciting though, because we'll be at camp all week so no blogging from there! Next weeks challenge will be more exciting though, promise! :)

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