Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few of My Favorites

Here are some things that I love right now... 

Shenanigans! And the fact that I can fit inside our dryer... 
(for some reason, it gives me a self-esteem boost.)

"Squishy" babies- This is Eyan. He belongs to my friends Sean and Adrienne. 
He has awesome cheek structure. :)

Laughing Kiddos. 

Robert with a baby! (Our niece, Kaycie)
He's a natural. But don't expect us to have any of our own anytime soon!

My Sisters. BOTH of them! Even the one who couldn't make it home for the weekend. 
(I even like how much she and I look like each other!)

My Family! 
(Like a more scandalous version of the Partridge Family)

My Amazing, Godly, Incredibly Graceful Grandmother <3

My Puppers! 
(even if she does have demon eyes in this pic)

One Year (and a few months... the cake was at Mom's in the freezer and we kept forgetting to get it) with my amazing, wonderful, so loving and super handsome husband!

P.S. Who says year old wedding cake is bad? We're still doing work on this thing! 

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