Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Hair Hurts.

I am sick! And it really really sucks. I was doing so well on my marathon training, and then the sickies attacked. But I'm feeling a bit better, so we'll see how it turns out. Hopefully I'll be able to get back out there by tomorrow or Saturday.

Robert and I have set our goal! Walt Disney World Half-Marathon 2012! EEEEE! I've got butterflies just thinking about it! It's kind of crazy because it starts at 5:40am, is in January, and is super long; but I can't imagine a cooler place to run 13.1 miles than Disney World! And Bert and I will have park tickets remaining from our trip this fall, so we have to go back anyway. Just gotta start getting back into running again... as soon as I can breathe properly anyway.

So Mom and Ang and the Bay-bays came to visit this week and we had a blast as always! Lots of swimming in the pool, and they even took me to Pancake Pantry because they are amazing! After the PP we went to Wonder Works because I had some free passes. That place is so much more fun with kids! Kenleigh and I danced and danced and danced in the light/disco room. It was great!

1week update: I have read religiously (tee hee- no pun intended) every night except last night... mainly because I felt like my head would explode and since it was Wednesday, I had already spent 20 minutes with the Bible at church so Bert said I could just go to bed. Have I learned anything? Well yeah. Sometimes 20 minutes feels like a really long time, but I think that's because I'm stuck in Numbers right now. Which is terribly boring at times. Again, I it's something that I've always wanted/needed to do, so it's been a good challenge.

P.S. I'm still flossing! :) And the pic is from last weeks visit with Baby Liam! <3

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