Sunday, February 21, 2010


The weather has been GORGEOUS!!! And really, I have bitter sweet feelings towards it. On the one hand, sitting her with the fan running and the patio door open with the breeze and the birds and the lovely (or not so lovely) roar of traffic on I-40 drifting through my window- it's nice. It really is. It especially is nice when I get to go and walk 9 holes with my husband and his best friend for the first time since this summer. Lugging my bag around and all my killer (but mainly crap-tastic) drives made my back and my shoulder sore, sore, sore. However, I am a little sad when I realize that we are probably done with the snow days for the year. I know people back home are glad for that since they racked up into the double digits thanks to the blizzard and will now be going to school until practically July, but I only had two snow days out of five allotted ones and I can't help feeling a little cheated. :(

Ok, no more whining. One thing the weather has been good for is my food life! Strawberries are back and so delicious! I'm super motivated to get outside and do some exercise, and I've even jumped back on the weight watchers path. For a while there I was trying to just eat and listen to my body's signals, but I realized that I'm not very good at that yet. I want to count something for a while until I get the hang of my portion sizes and points are much easier to count than calories for me. 

So here's a little looksie at what I've been chowing on lately... 

Lots of KERF oats. Robert is addicted! I think I actually want an egg sandwich in the morning, but I know he'll be upset and want his oatmeal. Ha ha! Not that I mind; it's much better than when he was eating pop tarts every morning! 

Veggies, veggies, veggies! Trying to up my plant intake and I'm doing a great job at this no meat for lent thing. Honestly, I don't even miss it! We had a Soup for the Soul soup tasting last night at church and most of them I couldn't sample because they had meat in them. There were a few that I did eat though- my egg drop soup, some delicious broccoli cheese soup, a veggie soup I did not care for at all! (but it actually ended up winning a prize?!?), and some french onion soup that was way too salty for my taste. Everyone was raving about Pastor Mark's Secret Recipe Chicken Noodle, but I didn't try any. Normally this would have upset me- not being able to try a food- but last night I really didn't mind. I'm sure it was delicious, but I guess I may never know! :)

And delicious home-made baked goods! Since Bert and I can't eat out for lent, I've been cooking a lot at home. We actually changed our rules to allow us to go out to eat with friends for lunch after church on Sunday, since that's really one of the only social opportunities we get. The only thing is, they have to invite us, we can't pick the restaurant, and it has to be a group larger than just me, robert, and luc. Today we ended up at McAllister's deli where I got a veggie pita and a caesar side salad, but I was not impressed. The portions were way too small on the veggies, and I was still hungry when we got done. I ended up coming home and making some Carrots n' Cake Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I added almonds to mine instead of the Peanut Butter Chips she put in hers. The batter was super thin and I didn't want to dirty up another pan, so I just made 8 bigger cookies instead of the 16 I was supposed to make and I definitely didn't spread them out enough... They all ran together and made 8 giant puzzle piece shaped cookies! Ha ha ha! They are soooo good though! Bert and I ate 3 a piece and I'm saving my last one for tomorrow. I'll have to make some more this week, as I've got half a container of peach baby food... It called for pureed peaches! And don't ask why I had baby food around, lol! No, it had nothing to do with a baby. Oh dear. Maybe I'll stir it into my oats tomorrow. ;)

Yes, that last pic is ONE cookie. :)

Gotta run, I've got chu-chu-chu-cheetah's waiting on me! :D

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