Monday, February 22, 2010

Green Monster + Tofu!

I made my first green monster last night! And I went for a 5k training run today! And I made Asian peanut sauce and fed my husband tofu and he loved it!!!! Ok, enough exclamations and run-on sentences, but it has been a pretty exciting 24 hours. Right after I blogged last night, I couldn't decide what to eat with my cheetah's for dinner. I have no idea why I went for the green monster, but it may have been because it was so warm. I found a basic recipe on and added frozen strawberries because I didn't have any ice cubes. It was so good! Not as green though. I've got a banana chilling in the freezer because there are definitely GM's in my future.

I also packed up my lunch last night and actually remembered to photograph it! It looked so pretty and delish, and it was probably one of my favorite lunches I've ever packed. I had SnackFace's cottage cheese and pumpkin that really truly does taste like pumpkin cheesecake for my planning snack after first period. I had a salad with mushrooms, strawberries, and balsamic vinaigrette with a PB and J on 'Zeke bread and an orange for lunch. For my afternoon snack, I had leftover cheetahs and an apple. I actually managed to come home, go for a run, and cook dinner without spazzing out that I was hungry! It's nice to feel full on good for you foods.

This morning before school was an Oats in a Jar day with the dregs of my Smucker's natural. A sprinkling of chocolate chips and some earl grey on the side = perfection. :D

Tonight for supper I baked some extra firm tofu, whipped up a peanut sauce I found on the weight watchers website, and sauteed some veggies while Robert boiled some whole wheat linguine and heated leftover egg drop soup. It was an Asian Feast! And so delicious! I'm happy I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I really wasn't sure if Robert would like it, but he tore it up! LOL! Guess he doesn't miss the chicken he originally requested after all. ;)

Well gotta run! Physics calls my name. :P

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