Monday, February 1, 2010

Give and Take

I'm not doing well at all with this training for the 5k in April, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I never want to come home from work and go running so I think Bert and I have decided that we'll have to run in the morning as soon as we wake up. I hate the thought of getting up 30 minutes earlier (and he really hates the thought too!) but we've got to do it. I don't want to be gasping my way through the race, so I know this time I have to prepare. I can't keep putting it off!

Eats for the Day

Breakfast: Classic KERF oats with banana, PB, and granola. No coffee because I was running late despite the delay.

Snack: My pumpkin yogurt

Lunch: Maryland style crab soup (I couldn't finish it because I got too full) and an apple

Snack: un-pictured popcorn and an orange

Dinner: Leftover fish with black beans, sauteed mushrooms, and broccoli.

Dessert: 2 dove dark chocolates with almonds and a shmear of PB

Snack: a hard boiled egg after grocery shopping and prepping lunch for tomorrow

Boring, boring food today... hopefully tomorrow I'll make something exciting for dinner, but I'm already excited about the jicama I packed for lunch! I love trying new veggies, and this one is so yum! I'm dipping it in hummus, which is kind of a weird combo so hopefully it won't skeeve me out to it already. I really like them just sliced and plain from what I tasted while chopping. They taste like a combo of apple and potato- bet they'd be delicious with honey mustard dressing. I'll have to try that next time.

Check out my parking spot at the school this morning. COMPLETELY iced over. So why did we go to school today when the roads were still slick, but did not go to school on Friday when it did not snow a single flake until 4:30? Geeze... Oh Knox County- How you keep us on our toes.

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